The Great T-Shirt Memory Quilt Challenge – Week Two

The challenge: To construct a T-shirt memory quilt for my niece
for her high school graduation

This was a tough week for the Great T-Shirt Memory Quilt Challenge. The good news…I thought about the quilt a lot. The bad news…that is all I did.

In my defense:

  • 6 of the 7 days I was traveling for work or working;
  • 4 of the 7 nights I was out of town;
  • 2 of the 7 days I had company;
  • Any spare time I had this week was used to clean the house, cook, blog, entertain company or just try to recharge for the next day.
This week I did get to visit a pumpkin patch.
I did get to golf.
And I did think about the T-Shirt quilt. So my accomplishments for week 2 of the great T-Shirt Memory Quilt challenge are:
  1. I researched the best quilt size for a T-Shirt quilt and decided I will make a lap size quilt (54″ by 72″) or a double size quilt (72″ by 90″). It takes about 25 shirts to make a full size quilt. Since I have 42 T shirts I have enough for my project.
  2. I now know I need to purchase fusible interfacing to back each shirt block to prevent my blocks from stretching. I plan to purchase Pellon #906F interfacing. I still have to figure how many yards to purchase.
  3. Pohey continues to reside in the bin waiting for me to think about setting it free

If you want to keep up with my weekly progress, please see Week One.


2 thoughts on “The Great T-Shirt Memory Quilt Challenge – Week Two”

  1. How exciting. I am thinking of taking up sewing again after an absence of five or more years, since my shoulder and neck are much better. I’ve always wanted to quilt and am looking forward to following your progress.


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