“Where Did All the Olives Go?”

Mom would serve olives with dinner when we had company. She placed the olives in her glass relish tray with a small fork for spearing. She must have thought olives dressed up her table.

One evening, my sister’s friend Kristine came to dinner. Yes! Although Kristine was young she was still considered company so tonight would be an olive night. When the olive tray finally reached me, the olives were all gone. As the third person to receive the tray I could not believe they were all gone so I said, “Where did all the olives go?”

In answer, Kristine, sitting directly to my right, lifted both hands high in the air. She had one black olive pushed onto the tip of all ten fingers. She proceeded to stick one finger, at a time, into her mouth and ate all 10 olives. I was incredulous. I was outraged. I was worried because now the meatballs were being passed to Kristine.


6 thoughts on ““Where Did All the Olives Go?””

  1. Your concluding sentence made laugh. That wasn’t where I was expecting it to go at all!

    I’m delighted that my two-year-old son likes olives. I wonder what memories we’ll make of olives, and which he’ll actually carry with him into his later years!

    1. This memory is at least 40 years old. I can still picture the 10 black olives being waved in the air as I clamped my mouth shut because Kristine was company and I could not say what I was thinking. But I do remember looking at my mother quite ferociously. If the meatballs had disappeared in the same fashion she knew I was not going to be accountable for my actions.


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