Hey mice, here is a news flash, I live in the city!

We live on the edge of a city, literally. The lot north of our house is in the country. Our home is in the city. I love living right next to the country. Every morning, before work, we go for a walk heading north from our home along the country road to get our daily exercise. People wave to us as they drive by in their cars. The country is different from the city. It took me a while to get used to this friendliness. What is the etiquette? Do you do a one finger wave, a two finger wave or a full hand wave. I don’t know to this day so every day I improvise. If we walk south of our house, we are walking in the city limits where the houses are pushed up next to each other and no one waves. I wonder why?

I love living one lot away from the country. I do not love the mice that also love living in the country. Mice do not understand that we are not in the country but actually living in the city next to the country. I have waged battle with the country mice but this past month we have started to engage in a full fledged war. It started in July when the temperatures were in the upper 90s and our air conditioner ceased to work. My husband was mowing the lawn and I decided to investigate our air conditioning unit outside that was no longer cooling our home. I unplugged the electrical supply and started to unscrew the panel. When a fluff of grass and twine was revealed behind the panel I had the good sense to stop and go get my husband. He was not happy to be interrupted, but he came over and saw the evidence I had unearthed and removed the panel. I was horrified to see a family of mice and babies scrambling to shelter. I jumped. I screamed. I ran and then ran some more. My husband stared at the mice, laughed at me and said, “I think we have found the problem”. The mice had chewed the electrical wiring in their metal air conditioned nest, which shorted out our unit. When our unit was repaired, we were advised to place moth balls in the chamber to discourage mice from reestablishing a nest in the air conditioner.

Okay, moth balls. I purchased a box of moth balls and dumped the entire contents in the air conditioner chamber. My husband shook his head. He seemed to think we only needed a few moth balls, not the entire box to repel the rodents. So problem solved right? No. In August, my husband noticed a smell in my car. I didn’t notice a smell. I have a ‘new to me’, in other words used car and I thought it smelled the same as always. When he took my car in for an oil change the technicians found a dead mouse with an acorn clutched in its mouth. This mouse was found in the cabin intake filter of my car. Are you serious? Thank goodness I had not seen the mouse. I went to the local hardware store and purchased mouse traps, thought about mouse poison, and decided on a sonic mouse repellent that I plugged into an electrical outlet right next to my car.

Today, my husband took our son’s car in to get the oil changed. The young lady who works at the lube center was in for quite a surprise. She opened the filter and saw, yep you guessed it, a mouse. This was a baby mouse that was or was not dead. She ran. She got a coworker. She may not be reporting to work tomorrow.

I don’t know what I will do now. The mouse traps have yielded nothing. The sonic mouse repellent may or may not be working. My husband seems to be enjoying this all.



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